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The students who comprise the Posse Scholars Program at the University of Michigan come from accomplished backgrounds and have big ambitions. Learn more about some of these students with the Posse Scholar Spotlights.

Leandro Martinez

Leandro was always interested in working with his hands, which is what initially drew him to the field of engineering (mechanical engineering, to be specific). However, when considering colleges, Leandro knew he wanted to attend an institution that had all the resources he’d need to grow academically and a network of support to help grow personally. That’s where the University of Michigan and the Posse program came in.

“One of my favorite parts about life at U-M is the community I built for myself,” Leandro said.” “I have my wonderful Posse to support me in all my endeavors, but I also have people on my design team, and in my major that are basically family, and I am really lucky to have them. The support system is one of the most important things in college.”

As Leandro approaches graduation, he recognizes the importance that Posse played in his time at Michigan.

“Coming to Michigan I knew no-one outside of my Posse, and that was really daunting, but having those nine people made all the difference to me,” Leandro said. “I can't pinpoint one experience, but I look fondly on studying late nights in the ugli, our family dinners, and even our meetings with our mentor. All of my Posse experiences have contributed to my amazing college experience.”

Leandro is currently choosing between various graduate school and professional options. Though he’ll soon depart Posse, he hopes that students who consider the program know how valuable it can be in a student’s life.

“Posse is a wonderful opportunity, not just a scholarship,” Leandro said. “I have a lifetime connection to some of the most dedicated and intelligent students at this university.”

“The Posse family looks after each other and cheers each other on at a very competitive school where sometimes that doesn't happen, and any student invited to be a part of that is really lucky.”

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Annie Mei
Finding a Balance Between Small Town and Big City

Like many Posse students coming from the big city of Chicago, Annie Mei was eager to experience a smaller, more tight-knit environment for her undergraduate experience. However, she was pleasantly surprised to find the balance struck in Ann Arbor between small town comforts and big city opportunities.

“I just loved the atmosphere because it's a small town compared to Chicago but after exploring North Campus and getting to know people in the school, it felt like such a massive environment and a place with so many things to do and so many people to meet,” Annie said. “This is going to sound contradictory, but at the same time when U-M felt big, it also felt so homey and small once I got to meet people because everywhere you go, you'll see someone you recognize.”

Annie, who is a member of the Posse 2 cohort, originally learned about the University of Michigan through its Posse chapter, and was intrigued by the strength of the STEM offerings.

"The University of Michigan was something that was never on my list of schools to apply to as a first-generation student living in Chicago," Annie said. "I was only told to apply locally or to ivy leagues if they're not Illinois colleges/universities. After learning about Michigan in Posse, I read a lot about how the Posse program pushed students through their rigorous academics, which was the thing that appealed to me the most."

Since arriving to campus, Annie has found joy in the connections made between her peers in the Posse program, as well as other classmates across campus. Annie’s mentor in the Posse program has also been a large part of life, which is something Annie greatly appreciates.

“Shoutout to whoever found our mentor, Sandra Gregerman, because she has been my rock since day one coming into U-M,” Annie said. “She pushed me to be a better person and was there for me whenever I needed any type of support.”

After graduation, Annie plans on taking a two-year gap to consult in government and public services with Deloitte in Denver, Colorado. She eventually plans on pursuing post-graduate studies to become a physician assistant, and will always carry her positive Posse experiences with her.

“Thank you, Posse, for giving me the best Posse — POSSE 2. I love our synergy and I'll never forget the beginning days of  Pre-Collegiate Training with you all and all the fun memories we've had since,” Annie said.

“I love you all dearly and forever — Go Blue!”

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