OEM DEI Opportunities

Please take a look at the opportunities available to you as you work to broaden your ideas and understanding regarding DEI topics. There are several DEI Learning and Development Sessions planned by the university and additional OEM events listed below.

Keep track of the events you attend by downloading a copy or printing the OEM DEI Tracking Sheet.

OEM DEI Campus Events


Anti-Ableism Debrief Discussion

Thursday, Oct. 28 | 2:30-3:30 p.m.

Virtual Zoom Discussion

After U-M concludes its virtual, campus-wide Anti-Ableist conference, you are invited to come together with OEM colleagues to discuss conference takeaways and anti-ableism in the workplace.

The post-conference conversation will explore how we can make U-M a more inclusive place for members of the disabled community through our work with students, families, faculty, partners — and each other.

Participants will leave this session with concrete ideas for how to apply best practices in their individual work, as well as ideas for collective actions that we could take to foster a more inclusive academy and workplace.

This virtual session will be informal and interactive. Please bring your knowledge, questions, concerns, and ideas. All are welcome!



OEM DEI MLK Symposium Debrief

Wednesday, Jan. 19 | 3-4 p.m.

After the MLK Symposium keynote lecture, OEM team members came together to discuss themese and takeaways from the remarks. If you were unable to watch the Symposium, it can be re-streamed at the Office of Academic and Multicultural Initiatives website.