DEI Micro-grant


The DEI Micro-grant is an opportunity for benefits-eligible employees to pursue DEI opportunities that are not currently offered through OEM DEI committee's program schedule. The DEI Micro-grant provides a $100 award per person, per fiscal year.

Activity examples should directly connect to efforts in pursuit of your DEI requirement and include but are not limited to: the purchase of books for a book club, movie tickets, conference registrations, or trip to a museum.*

To apply for a DEI Micro-grant, please fill out and submit an application.

Please note:

  • Completion of a post event/purchase survey is required as a condition of funding.  

  • Requesters should wait to hear if funds are approved prior to participation in the activity/event, as approval is at the discretion of the DEI committee, and funds are not retroactive.

  • Supervisor awareness and support is minimally required. Supervisor approval is required if the DEI micro-grant funds an activity during normal business hours.

If you have any questions, please contact the OEM micro-grant subcommittee (



We encourage you to submit your request at least two weeks in advance. Our committee may take up to ten business days to review and provide a decision on your request.

The requester will fill out and submit an application, which will be located on the OEM employee website. The micro-grant request will be reviewed for approval by the DEI microgrant sub-committee (see guidelines below).  

A post event/purchase survey is required 

Purchases that are $25 and below can be purchased directly by the staff and then submitted for reimbursement through the normal Concur process. Anything over $25 should be coordinated with the appropriate department administrator to facilitate the purchase.

Some requests may be denied due to current Provost constraints on spending

 *Non reimbursable examples include travel expenses, alcohol, anything that falls outside university guidelines. In addition, for 2021, special Provost restrictions on funding may limit what can be purchased. 



  • Must encourage exploration of professional/personal DEI goals or as a creative way to meet 8 hour requirement.  

  • Must submit the application 10 business days in advance.

  • Must receive approval from OEM DEI Microgrant Sub-committee before purchase

  • Must submit a post event/purchase survey 10 business days upon completion of the event/purchase.

  • Receipts are required for reimbursement of $25 or less.

  • Coordination with unit purchasing agent required for purchases of $25 


Application requirements:

  1. Name, unit, contact information

  2. Supervisor’s name

  3. Description of event or activity, including date, time, and duration

  4. How does this support your DEI goals?

  5. How does this increase your awareness or add value to your development?