DEI Goals

The Office of Enrollment Management team is committed to the following priorities during the upcoming fiscal year:

  • Building upon and measuring the effectiveness of our targeted programs intended to broadly diversify our undergraduate student body
  • Continuing our efforts to have broader outreach and recruitment for staff and develop consistency in hiring practices and onboarding
  • Developing tailored professional development opportunities specific to job type/role in an effort to retain broadly diverse and talented staff
  • Remaining dedicated to staff pay equity reviews and adjustments
  • Aligning our organizational structure in a way that better allows us to achieve campus objectives
  • Revisiting recommendations provided by the Student Success Task Force in 2019, completing work that was sidelined by the pandemic, in an effort to improve the student experience
  • Collaborating with campus partners to achieve shared enrollment objectives
    • Measurable items include recruitment programming efforts, coordinated campus meetings, and strategic enrollment planning documents.
  • Developing a revised staffing model for DEI efforts which creates greater organizational stability and the opportunity for additional staff engagement
  • Developing a DEI education program that focuses on DEI skill-building in areas of interest for individual staff members:
    • Identifying specific skills, sharing reports, and creating a skills inventory
    • Reinstating a DEI education requirement for OEM staff members
    • Documenting DEI activity participation on an annual basis in staff performance evaluations
    • Training for all staff, including student, permanent, and temporary employees, in DEI areas to include unconscious bias

We invite you to read our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 2.0 Strategic Plan.

Archived information from DEI 1.0 is also available: