Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board was created to help OEM address the university’s most pressing enrollment-related issues such as access, affordability and diversity. Members of SAB will work collaboratively with administration to increase student access and success outcomes for all students in the U-M community.

From 2017-2018, the board focused on unit-specific projects and provided feedback for the Office of the Registrar’s website redesign, the financial aid eligibility dashboard, and the financial aid off-campus housing worksheet. They are currently working with the Integrated Marketing Communications team on a project on prospective student communications.

  • Brandon Bond

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    College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
    Residential College
    B.A. Biopsychology, Cognition, Neuroscience
    B.A. International Studies
    Minor in Community Action Social Change
    Expected Graduation Date: April 2020

    Brandon is an undergraduate student in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts and Residential College where he is earning dual degrees in Biopsychology, Cognition, Neuroscience, and International Studies - Global Environment and Health with minor in Community Action Social Change. Passionate about language and advocacy, Brandon has participated in 3 CGIS programs and an international internship program in Brazil through a collaboration with the RC, LACS, and PICS department. Between these trips, Brandon has enhanced his foriegn language skills, his global network, and his knowledge of social justice and multiculturalism.

    Brandon has a clear passion for helping others, serving as an Admissions Assistant in the Residential College Admissions and Recruitment Office, a Peer Advisor in the Center for Global and Intercultural Studies, an Academic Coach for the Bridge Scholars PLUS program and CSP Ambassador, both of which are in the Comprehensive Studies Program.

  • Liam Alexis

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  • Elan Arnowitz

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    Ross School of Business
    Minor: History
    Expected Graduation Date: April 2021

    Elan Arnowitz is an undergraduate in the Ross School of Business where he is working towards his Bachelors of Business Administration. He has long been fascinated by technology and is interested in cultivating the intersection between that and business. Being involved with the TAMID Consulting Group and Delta Sigma Pi professional fraternity on campus has afforded him exposure to the business side of tech. Additionally, he was able to learn how technology manifests within corporations by working as an Information Technology Intern at Marriott International this past summer.

    In order to further expose himself to tech related business and embrace his passion for entrepreneurship that fostered from running a startup in high school, he will be a Summer Analyst at Insight Partners, a tech venture capital firm in New York this summer. There, he hopes to use business as a medium to drive technological change that will create institutional improvements in the quality of life for underserved populations.

  • Larah Diab

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    College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
    B.A. Psychology
    Minor: Art & Design, Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design
    Expected Graduation Date: April 2021

    Larah Diab is currently a third-year undergraduate student in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts majoring in Psychology with a minor in Art & Design through the Penny W. Stamps school of Art & Design. She is full of school spirit and since her freshman year has represented the University of Michigan to prospective students and families, alumni, and community organizations through her work as a Tour Guide at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Larah’s work with new students also includes her role as a mentor for the past two years for the Central Student Government program “MPals”, a mentorship program for incoming international students that strives to ease their transition into college and provide guidance upon their arrival to campus.

    Larah also has a true passion for giving back. In regards to service, she is a member of TEACH Michigan, an organization which conducts fun and educational science modules for the patients at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital as well as participated in an Alternative Spring Break health service trip to Guatemala in March 2019. From these experiences Larah has learned the importance of compassion and kindness and that even the smallest acts can still make a big difference.

  • Benjamin Glass

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    College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
    B.S. Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity
    B.S. English (minor), B.S. Environment (minor)
    Expected Graduation Date: April 2020

    Benjamin Glass is an undergraduate student in his final year in the College of LSA studying Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, English, and the Environment. In addition to participating in the OEM Student Advisory Board, Ben volunteers at Michigan Medicine, is a Student Instructor for both the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) and introductory organic chemistry, is a research assistant in the Shultz Group (Department of Chemistry), is a volunteer for the Michigan Law School mock trials, and is the Vice Speaker of UofM Central Student Government.

    Ben is passionate about literature, research, and the intersection between the natural and environmental sciences in relation to the health of all organisms on earth. For this reason, he hopes to attend graduate school after graduation to pursue a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology or one of its subfields. Ben has greatly enjoyed being part of the OEM Student Advisory Board and hopes to continue making an impact on the University of Michigan campus through his various leadership roles.

  • Maggie Lloyd

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    School of Nursing
    B.S Nursing
    Expected Graduation Date: 2022

    Maggie is currently an undergraduate student at the School of Nursing, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She has a passion for providing and creating equal access to care, which is why she volunteers for the Kidney Disease Screening and Prevention club (KDSAP). At KDSAP, she participates in free health screenings around the Ann Arbor area for those who may otherwise lack access to healthcare, or lack the education on the signs and symptoms of Kidney Disease. Maggie is also a member of CAPS in Action, which advocates for student’s mental health across campus.

    Excited for a future career in the medical field, Maggie works with the Office of Admissions at the Medical School, helping facilitate interview days for prospective medical students. She also worked at the Eisenhower Center this past summer, gaining direct patient experience through caring for people that have Traumatic Brain Injuries.

  • Courtney Mellios

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    College of Literature, Science & the Arts
    B.S., Neuroscience
    Expected graduation date: April 2020

    Courtney Mellios is an undergraduate in LSA who exemplifies leadership through her commitment to helping others. An involved member of her community, Courtney currently serves as a cellular, molecular, and developmental biology tutor through U-M's Science Learning Center.

    Courtney has taken on other leadership roles at the university as well, such as her position as student ambassador in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, where she mentored prospective students through campus tours and presentations. She is also an Irene and Morris B. Kessler Presidential Scholar and serves as a program peer mentor, Student Advisory Board member, and Community Service Committee representative.

  • Mikayla Morgan

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    School of Nursing
    Honors Program
    B.S. Nursing
    Expected Graduation Date: April 2021

    Mikayla is an undergraduate student in the School of Nursing where she is earning her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Passionate about healthcare accessibility and equity, Mikayla holds dual roles as both the Undergraduate Nursing Director and the Prescriptions Coordinator at the University of Michigan Student-Run Free Clinic. Through these roles, Mikayla works with un- and under-insured patients and has enhanced her knowledge of multiculturalism, interdisciplinary team work, diversity, inclusion, and pressing public health issues.

    Mikayla is passionate about advocating for others, as demonstrated by her Honors Program research project in the Brandon NICU at Mott Children’s Hospital. She also serves as an advising board member for a non-profit organization, In My Shoes, that educates college students about domestic violence and sexual assault prevention.

  • Jordan Myers

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    College of Engineering
    B.S.E., Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences
    Minor: Math
    Expected Graduation Date: 2020

    Jordan has a passion for helping others and it has shown through his last three years at the university. Working for America Reads Corps, he has aided as a classroom tutor in local elementary schools, working with students to get them excited about literature.

    Jordan is a senior in the College of Engineering has committed his next five years post-graduation to serving in the United States Navy. Through the NUPOC program, Jordan will be an officer after graduation and work to maintain nuclear reactors on board U.S. Naval submarines.

    From 2016-2017 Jordan was in a research assistant through the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) at the University of Michigan Medical School. Here he aided researchers in improving nuclear medicine imaging. Jordan has also been involved in the club rugby team for the university up until this past season.

  • Tyler Newquist

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    School of Public Health
    B.A. Community and Global Public Health
    Expected Graduation Date: 2020

    Tyler Newquist is an undergraduate studying Community and Global Public Health in the School of Public Health. From 2016-2017, Tyler was a Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) research assistant in the Ford School of Public Policy Education Policy Initiative, where he investigated the effectiveness of Michigan charter schools by analyzing data linked to student achievement. During summers, Tyler works as a senior counselor at Tom Sawyer Camps in California, introducing campers to the natural world and wilderness safety while helping them gain invaluable listening and interpersonal skills.

    Tyler is dedicated to creating a community in which others can succeed, and his work as a U-M student ambassador and as an M-Telefund talent manager, where he personally generated over $20,000 in donations from alumni to support scholarship at the university, exemplify his commitment.

  • Lauryn Thomas

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    Stephen M. Ross School of Business
    Bachelor of Business Administration

    Minor: Education for Empowerment
    Expected Graduation Date: April 2022

    Lauryn is currently an undergraduate sophomore in the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, studying Business Administration. She is passionate about learning positive business practices with social impact, and hopes to use her knowledge of business complemented by her education minor to eliminate barriers faced by youth in under-resourced communities from achieving their full academic potential. At the university, Lauryn devotes time towards easing the transition from high school to college for first-year and prospective students through her involvement as a Student Ambassador with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and mentors first year students through Michigan Mentorship Matters.

    Dedicated to servicing her community, Lauryn volunteers and conducts research for the Community Action Network through their after school program, where she helps students with homework, reading and math enrichment, and is a mentor. She is also an active member of the University of Michigan’s Habitat for Humanity chapter, where she serves as Travel Coordinator, responsible for organizing the annual one-week Spring Break retreat for volunteers to build a safe, and affordable house from a range of locations offered across the United States.

  • Sydney Wais

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    School of Kinesiology
    B.S. Movement Science
    Expected Graduation Date: 2020

    Sydney Wais is an undergraduate studying Movement Science in the School of Kinesiology. A multifaceted leader, Sydney represents the University of Michigan as a Club Gymnastics athlete in an environment where teamwork, dedication, and accountability are fostered. She also works as an assistant in the Dean’s Office of the Stamps School of Art and Design as well as having served as a camp counselor at Tamarack Camps.

    Sydney has worked as an advisory board project manager in the Office of Enrollment Management since 2016, and as a member of the Bioethics Society where she engages in debates and discussions over various topics in medical ethics through real case examples.

  • William Zhang

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    School of Information
    B.S. Information
    Minors in Computer Science, Music
    Expected Graduation Date: April 2022

    William is an undergraduate sophomore in the School of Information studying User Experience Design. He also plans to pursue minors in Computer Science and Music. William has previously worked on marketing consultation projects and social media management through Michigan Innovative Marketing and The Michigan Daily, respectively.

    Last summer, William was a Product Development Intern at Global LT, where he helped put his design skills to work, assisting in the launch of new software. These days, William continues to hone his skills in product design, where he conducts crucial user research and designs pleasurable digital experiences.

    Outside of school, William is a clarinetist for the Michigan Marching Band and Michigan Pops Orchestra.