• Canada's Moment

    • Inside Higher Ed
    • 03/20/2017

    A Trump effect? Many Canadian universities are reporting large gains in international applications at the same time some American universities are seeing declines.

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  • Protecting Pell? Critics Say Budget Wouldn't

    • Inside Higher Ed
    • 03/17/2017

    By cutting a third of program's surplus and slashing other aid programs, Trump administration's first budget would imperil college access, advocates argue.

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  • How a FAFSA Malfunction Could Delay Student Aid

    • The Atlantic
    • 03/16/2017

    Some educators speculate that low-income students will be particularly inconvenienced, since they tend to file their applications closer to the deadline.

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  • When a Few Bucks Can Get Students to the Finish Line

    • The New York Times
    • 03/15/2017

    Many colleges have small pots of money to help students in emergencies such as eviction from their homes. Retention Grants, by contrast, focus on students who are just short of the finish line.

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  • Bloomberg-backed Group to Help Poorer Students Graduate From College

    • NBC News
    • 03/14/2017

    Their goal is to see 50,000 more low-income students attending and graduating from member institutions by 2025.

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  • Will International Students Stay Away?

    • Inside Higher Ed
    • 03/13/2017

    Four in 10 colleges are seeing drops in applications from international students amid pervasive concerns that the political climate might keep them away.

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  • Irretrievable Aid Data

    • Inside Higher Ed
    • 03/10/2017

    Six days after the Internal Revenue Service's data retrieval tool for the federal financial aid system went down, the Department of Education and IRS said Thursday they anticipate the tool will be unavailable for several more weeks.

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  • 3 Years Cost Less Than 4

    • Inside Higher Ed
    • 03/09/2017

    NYU’s push to help students graduate in under four years leaves questions about who it helps and how much of a difference it can make at one of the country’s most expensive universities.

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  • College graduation gap in Mich. a story of OK, bad, and just plain terrible

    • Michigan Radio
    • 03/07/2017

    A new report from advocacy group The Education Trust shows a large gap in six-year university graduation rates between African-American students and white students. The report says only about four in 10, or 41% of black students who start college as first-time, full-time freshmen earn bachelor’s...

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  • A Look at Black Student Success: Identifying Top- and Bottom-Performing Institutions

    • The Education Trust
    • 03/01/2017

    More Black students are enrolling in four-year colleges and universities than ever before. But what happens to these students after they arrive on campus? Do they graduate?

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