• Tuition isn't the only thing keeping low-income students out of college

    • MLive
    • 10/05/2017

    Cost is the most obvious reason more low-income graduates don't pursue post-secondary education, but there's more to the story.

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  • Ongoing Barriers to College Aid

    • Inside Higher Ed
    • 10/04/2017

    Two new papers find application rates for federal student aid continue to lag for low-income students, and serious barriers remain for those most in need of help paying for college.

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  • Crunch Time for Perkins Loan Program

    • Inside Higher Ed
    • 09/28/2017

    The federal student loan program expires Sept. 30, and it’s unclear if an extension will go through -- despite backing from colleges and bipartisan support.

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  • Good moral character: Two centuries of admitting the “leaders and best”

    • Michigan Today
    • 09/25/2017

    The hoops through which students have leapt to attend the University of Michigan in decades and centuries past – the surprisingly specialized entrance exams, the mandatory medical exams – seem almost unrecognizable in today’s world of SAT prep courses and universally accepted online applications...

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  • Average student loan debt for Michigan students still tops $30,000

    • Detroit Free Press
    • 09/20/2017

    According to new data released today, the average Michigan graduate owes $30,852 in student loans. That includes both federal loans and private loans. Federal loans are capped at $31,000 total for undergraduate dependent students.

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  • The Michigan Model: A New Approach to Financial Aid

    • Harvard Political Review
    • 09/19/2017

    While much attention has rightfully been given to this impressive offer, the guarantee extends beyond financial aid. It also introduces a new system of marketing—one that aims to reach talented, low-income students who might otherwise not have seen higher-education as an attainable next step....

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  • The Biggest Misconception About Today’s College Students

    • The New York Times
    • 08/29/2017

    You might think the typical college student lives in a state of bliss, spending each day moving among classes, parties and extracurricular activities. But the reality is that an increasingly small population of undergraduates enjoys that kind of life.

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  • Not So Open Doors

    • Inside Higher Ed
    • 08/18/2017

    Elite colleges need to change policies to recruit, admit and graduate talented low-income students, report says. It calls out some by name.

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  • Veterans get expanded college assistance under Trump

    • Associated Press
    • 08/17/2017

    Military veterans are getting unlimited access to college assistance under legislation President Donald Trump has signed into law. The Forever GI Act removed a 15-year limit on using the benefits, effective immediately.

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  • Where do families get nearly $24,000 for one year of college?

    • Detroit Free Press
    • 08/09/2017

    Saving money for college, searching for scholarships and studying what is affordable can be tackled at any time, even if you didn't have much of a plan to start.

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